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Vantage Fundraising

Building Your Fundraising Future

We raise funds for small and medium charities with big ambitions. We’ll provide you with strategic direction, the experience of our multi-expert teams, and a promise of our dedication to your cause.

Our unique blend of
Expertise and Economies of Scale ensures we can deliver significant value to small and medium-sized charities like yours.

We understand that for most of you, investing in fundraising services requires immediate validation of its value. That's why we've dedicated the past few years to developing strategies that address the challenges faced by small and medium-sized organisations. We’ll make sure you never waste money on elaborate fundraising strategies that are often rarely acted on.

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"They are now doing legacy and corporate fundraising, with our turnover and impact rising rapidly."

"We've tried professional fundraisers before and have had no success. Since employing Vantage Fundraising, we have had numerous grants including nearly half a million pounds from the National Lottery and City Bridge Trust. "

Jo Early, CEO Support After Murder and Manslaughter


What We Do

We’ll provide you with the blocks you need for your ascent to fundraising success and guide you to the summit for your best chance of survival.

We haven’t got all the answers, we’d never claim to eliminate all risk from fundraising, but we will work with you to overcome the problems your charity faces within a budget commensurate with where you are.​


We know each charity is different, just as every member of a family has their unique characteristics and personality.


We know how hard the climb to the top of the mountain can be for charities like yours, and how breathtaking the vista is from the vantage point of the summit.


The Path to the Top

We see our different fundraising services as blocks - blocks that form your sustenance packs on your ascent to the summit of your fundraising success. Charities have different needs and different blocks missing from their fundraising strategy.


After an initial discovery call, we’ll advise you on which fundraising blocks are the most essential for your immediate needs, and whether any that you already have, need restoring or changing.

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Our Economies of Scale protect your Return On Investment

"Vantage Fundraising wrote our latest fundraising appeal, resulting in a return three times better than previous in-house efforts."

Louise de Winter, CEO, The Urology Foundation.


Ready to try something new?

Join us and let us introduce you the new, smart way of fundraising!


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